The tremendous success of the Nikon reflex camera was based on the Nikon F,  considered by many  as the flagship photographic instrument in the long and colorful history of Nikon. In late May 2003 on the occasion of the 2nd and 3rd WestLicht Auction, this Nikon F system trilogy will be presented in Vienna. Written in English, the Nikon F system is presented in all its complexity in a level of detail never seen before. Countless high quality photographs show the various model variations of the camera, lenses and accessories throughout the more than 14-year production period. Numerous tables with serial number information and valuable data supplement this invaluable reference for collectors and users of this unique camera system.

An artistically designed slip-case holds the three 28cm x 22cm sized volumes "The Camera“, "The Lenses“ and "The Accessories“. A total of 610 fascinating pages and more than 820 photographs highlight detailed images of the most successful professional camera in the 1960s and early 1970s. Included are 210 exquisite color pictures in high-quality screen of this beatifully printed book.

This trilogy includes an exclusive slip-case and has a price of EUR 179.00 including sales tax (for Europe) or EUR 165.00 of countries outside Europe. Each volume is available as a single book for a price of EUR 79.00 including sales tax (for Europe) or EUR 74.00 for countries outside Europe.  

The first volume “The Camera” describes the numerous mechanical and cosmetic changes of the famous Nikon F body production run. Extensive information about little known models are discussed in the chapter „The special bodies“. For the readers this will be the first in-depth review of the little known chapter in Nikon’s history: The German „NIKKOR“ story. The author describes in great detail both the competitive dispute and the legal ramifications with Zeiss Ikon during the 1960s.

One of the reasons for the huge success of the Nikon F was the broad range of Nikkor lenses, produced for the camera. This perfect and innovative production line is dedicated in the volume “The Lenses”. Again many tables and photographs round out the high level of detail.

The company’s foresight in producing a myriad of high quality and innovative accessories was another part of the incredible triumph of the Nikon F system. The author covered these in great detail and knowledge in the final volume „The Accessories“.

Robert Rotoloni, a respected expert of historical Nikon equipment expressed in issue No. 72 of the NHS by stating: “This is going to be one hell of a book” and “This is going to be the most detailed, complete and best photographed ever done in English on the Nikon F system.” He further states: “All of this info is complimented by superb photography! Everything is well photographed but not only are they well lighted and shot but they are innovative and interesting!”

Publisher of this Nikon F trilogy is Peter Coeln, owner of the “Leica Shop” in Vienna, an outstanding expert of historical camera equipment. This trilogy represents his first publication.