Wednesday, May 17th:

In the morning we will visit the Schoenbrunn Palace. This will be a 20 minute ride by the U 3 and U 4, starting from our meeting point at “U-Bahn” station “Burggasse / Stadthalle”, next to the Arcotel/Wimberger hotel. Right hand side (having the hotel in the back) you’ll see the “U-Bahn” station in the middle of both tracks of the main street. To the left and right of the station building there are long stairs up to the top of the building (not to heaven) and at the bottom of the stairs is our meeting point.

For more information about this famous Schoenbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Habsburger, please visit this website:

We will take a guided tour through this palace where you will see magnificent rooms and interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries. This tour will take about 90 minutes. The cost will be about € 25.




Schoenbrunn, Fiaker

For those who wish, a “Fiaker” (hackney carriage) roundtrip through the gorgeous park and gardens of Schoenbrunn (costs € 45 for a 30 minute ride with four people) is available.

The other members and partners can walk though gardens and go up to a short hill to the Gloriette, a small summer residence. In the cafe you can enjoy the famous Apfelstrudel (apple cake), and on top of the roof you’ll have a beautiful vista of the park of Schoenbrunn and other areas of Vienna.

We will go back by the U-Bahn again and will drive to the famous Stephansdom, visiting the cellars and the tower. After seeing the Stephansdom we’ll walk through the centre of the wonderful city of Vienna. You’ll have more time for shopping, sightseeing and to find (only a very few) photo shops.

Meeting at the evening in the Westlicht Museum, at 6 p.m.:

“Welcome and registration” for the members, with partners, who can plan the next day’s events.