Thursday, May 18th:

In the morning we will meet in the lobby of the Arcotel/Wimberger hotel. From there we’ll drive by bus to the Abbey of Melk (or if we are less 30 people, by train). This is a world heritage site, around 90 km away from Vienna. We will visit the Abbey of Melk, the Terrace, the very famous Library and the Church.

For more information, please visit this website:

After visiting the Abbey we have a short walk trough the village of Melk to the small harbour. We will board one of the special Donau ships and will take a boat trip to the small village Duernstein, with its historic centre, a blue painted church, and a lot of photographic opportunities. The bus will pick us up and bring us back to the Arcotel/Wimberger hotel or we will drive back to the hotel by train.


View of Duernstein and Melk

Another view of Melk

There is a very special evening’s event planned in the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown Vienna. This Museum ranks among the top art collections in the entire world.

At 7 p.m. we will have delightful four-course Dinner, for all of you who will join this part of our tour. The Dinner is on the second floor of the Museum in one of the historical rooms. A substantial buffet will also offer meal for those who do not want to eat pork (also there will be a large choice of vegetables and fish). Between the various courses you can walk through the museum and can view rooms with fine art (you do not have enough time to look at all the rooms, as the museum will close at 9 p.m.).



both: Kunsthistorisches Museum

The entrance fee and the dinner will cost  € 50 (drinks seperate).

You have to make your trip to Melk / dinner reservation before the end of February 2006 to Uli Koch, because we have to reserve the guided tour / tables for our group.

Meeting in the evening at the WestLicht Museum at 6 p.m. :

Welcome and registration of the members, with partners, who want to enjoy, the next days of events.

Hans and Uli will not be there, as we will attend the Excursion and Dinner at the Museum of Fine Arts in the center of the city.