Saturday, May 20th :

WestLicht Auction (we do not know exactly when it will start, but it could be 11 a.m. The auction usually takes about 6 to 7 hours with a short pause in between). Up to 11 a.m. you will get an opportunity to view all the lots.

The meeting Point for all those who do not want to join the WestLicht Auction will be the Foyer of the Hotel Wimberger (one of the Convention hotels) at 9.30 a.m. The guides for this tour will be Arlette Plogmakers, Ursula and Daniela Koch. With the tram “49” we can drive to downtown Vienna.

 First we will visit the “Prunksaal” (large ceremonial room) of the “Nationalbibliothek” (National Library). This is a short walk from the tram station to this room. Next to the National Library is the Hofburg with the “Spanish Riding School” were we will visit the famous “Spanish Riding School” in the “Hofburg” (starting at 11 a.m.). We will see morning exercise of the world-famous dancing Lipizzaners (Stallions). The trip will cost € 20 (a regular show in the afternoon will cost about € 80 – 110 and you have to reserve it many weeks before the show)

 After the “Spanish Riding School” we will walk to the “Palmenhaus” (Palm House) which is about 5 – 10 minutes walk away for the “Hofburg). There you will have a lunch as you like. After this rest we will go either to the “Albertina” Museum or the “Leopold Museum”, both leading museums of Modern Art. Which one we will choose depends on the exhibition they will have in May.

 For the final of this tour we will go to the famous coffee house “Sacher” – 2 minutes walk from the “Albertina” for a coffee and the famous “Sacher” cake (“calories bomb”).



WestLicht Auction

If you have any rare items or portions of your collection for sale within the WestLicht Auction in May next year, please contact the owner of the Leicashop and the WestLicht Auction, Mr. Peter Coeln. His email address is:

He will give you a special price for the handling fee providing you are a member of the NHS. Please advise him.

Members of the NHS who have booked for the Convention will receive a free Action Catalogue!

For more information about the WestLicht Auction, please visit their website: