Sunday, May 21st: Starting at 9.30


The Convention Day

 The official NHS Convention will take place in the rooms of the WestLicht Museum. There will a big screen for viewing the pictures and slide presentation of all the speakers.

We already have most of the speakers, however, if you do have an interesting item to share with us, please let us know. Try to keep your presentation/speeches to a maximum of 10-15 minutes as we will have a lot of material to present during the course of the day.

A PowerPoint presentation is the best way to present your slides. Please send a DVD or a CD-ROM with your pictures by the end of March 2006 to Uli Koch. For coordination of the speeches, please also contact Uli Koch. His email address is: or you can use the contact link of this website.

The agenda of the day will be released on this website about the end of April 2006.

All of the members will have the possibility to get beveragesduring the convention, and we will have a brake for a light lunch. Our traditional final dinner will not be on this Sunday, but rather on Monday evening after the trip to Diemar Machold’s castle. For more information, please revere to May 22nd.

At 4 p.m. we will have our own traditional NHS photo show. Please bring your interesting and/or surplus items to the convention. This will be your chance to sell, trade or to buy interesting items, plus chat with the other members on an informal basis. Peter Coeln will organize a few tables for this photo show.

Convention fee

Hans and Uli still have to calculate the convention fee which will be released in late September 2005. As we are very happy that most of our members which have contacted us with their intentions by August 2005 will join the Convention together with their partners. We will split the Convention fee into two prices:

1)     Members                                                      € 100              $ 120

2)     Members with partners                               € 140              $ 160

The convention fee will include (among other things):

Ø      Drinks and meal at the “Wine and Cheese” evening

Ø      Two drinks and a light lunch for the Convention day

Ø      Hospitality and technical equipment at the Convention day

Ø      Gifts for the speakers

Ø      A valuable Convention gift for all members

Ø      Bus drive to Baden and Diemtar Machold’s castle, to the “Heurigen” dinner and back to the hotel

Please pay the Convention fee in advance of the Convention to Uli Koch, our cashier for this 10th Convention, by the end of February 2006 at the very latest. Please contact Uli for details regarding payment. If you pay by PayPal or by bank transfer, please do understand that we will add the PayPal or bank fee to the Convention fee. The best method, of course, would be to pay the money by cash in a registered airmail letter. Please realize, that it is imperative that Uli and Hans receive the money up-front of the Convention and associated activities, as it costs a lot of money for instance to book the bus for the trip to Dietmar Macholds castle, to let the Convention gift produce and for the balance of the convention festivities.

Also for those who plan to join the additional events connected with the Convention, please add the costs for the Abbey of Melk and the price of the dinner on Thursday evening, again stressing upon you that these funds must be received by Uli no later than the end of February 2006. Ideally, we'd like to be able to ascertain the exact numbers of participants, in advance, for the Melk trip and the dinner for the entire group. Naturally it would greatly assist these merchants if they know of the exact numbers who will be attending.

Sunday program for the woman

There also will be a program for the partners who will not participate on the Convention day with us. We have planed a trip to downtown Vienna to the Albertina, a Museum with more that 70,000 printings from Leonardo da Vinci to today’s contempory artists. They also have a large collection of photographic pictures. You can join the “Prunksaal” (large ceremonial room) of the Austrian National Library, which is next to the Hofburg.
The group can partake in coffee at a famous coffee house at Sacher or Demel. If you like you can have a ride with the nostalgic century-old Giant Ferris Wheel at the Vienna Prader.

The sightseeing parts of Saturday and Sunday can be changed if desired.

The meeting point for this tour for the partners will be the Foyer of the Hotel Wimberger (one of the Convention hotels) at 9.30 a.m..

We will go by the “U-Bahn No. 3” to the “Wiener Prader”, the giant Ferris wheel “Prader” which is an old Ferris wheel, well known from the movie “The third man”. You will have a ride with these famous Ferris wheel and if you like can have a small lunch at the “Prader” (which is a fairground, too).

After the “Prader” we will walk to the next Tram-Bahn station (less than 5 minutes) and will drive to visit the Belvedere Palace, and will have a walk through the garden to the tram station again (5 minutes walk). We do not know which exhibition will be featured at the Belvedere Palace next year, but this year there was an exhibition of the part of Austria in WWII and the time right after the war.

For more information about the Belvedere Palace, please visit this website:

We will go by tram (5 minutes walk for the Belvedere Palace) to the “Zentralfriedhof”, the Central Cemetery. Bus tours around the cemetery’s interior are possible. We will be able to visit the grave sites of many composers, such as Johann Strauss, senior and junior, Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert and others notables. (Walk through the graveyard to the church and to the next S-Bahn station will take about 30 minutes of fairly relaxed walking, perhaps we walk back to the tram and driev with the tram back, depends on your wishes) and drive back to the Hotel or to the WestLicht Museum) or if there is any time left you can go shopping in downtown Vienna.