Monday May 22nd

On this Monday we will drive by bus to Dietmar Machold’s beautiful castle. It will take about 1 ½ hour of driving by bus from the hotels. We are planning a stop in the town of Baden and will do some sightseeing in the centre of this wonderful old and rich city. There will be sufficient time and opportunity for you to enjoy a lunch in the center of Baden.

The bus will bring us to the castle where we will get an opportunity to view Dietmar Machold's collection. We will then be invited for coffee and cakes and perhaps will be entertained with piano and violin. There will be a general talk session, where the members and partners can review the Convention and Dietmar's fantasitc collection.

The day and the Convention will have its traditional closing dinner.

This will take place in a typical Austrian atmosphere, in an establishment called ,,Heurigen”.

Such restaurants were owned by farmers and they serve their home-made food, drinks and wine. This is not an expensive dinner, so all of you will be able to join this evening with us. After the dinner the bus will return us to the hotels. As most of you will be leaving Vienna the next day, ensuring your arrival back to your hotel at a decent time.

We hope you will join us for the Vienna NHS Convention!!!