Vienna does not have a single central railway station, but rather three stations, depending on the direction you arrive. The WestLicht Museum (our Convention place) is next to the “Westbahnhof” (Station West). The other main stations are “Südbahnhof” (Station South) and “Franz Josefs Bahnhof” (coming from north).

From the “Südbahnhof”, take the U 1 (red) to “Kargan” up to station “Stephansdom” (third stop), than change to the U 3 (orange) to “Ottakring”. At the fifth stop you are at “Wesdtbahnhof”. Or you take the airport bus from “Südbahnhof” (outside of the main hall) to “Westbahnhof”.


The Vienna airport is south of the city. It is not a huge airport and you’ll find your way around the terminal easily. You can buy a Vienna ticket for three days for € 16 ($ 19). With this ticket you’ll get a discount on some Museums and you can take the subway / tram system in Vienna (but not the bus or the train from the airport to downtown). Check under “Travel” for the other ticket options, which could provide better options for you.

There are three ways to get  to the “Westbahnhof” and the Hotels/Convention from the airport:


The airport is about 25km (15 miles) distance from downtown. The taxi will cost about € 25 ($ 30) and it will take about 30 minutes to the Westbahnhof/Hotels.


There is an airport bus to the Westbahnhof (only one stop in between which is the Südbahnhof). The station is outside of the terminal building, but you have to walk only about 1 minute to connect with it. You’ll buy your tickets from the bus driver or you’ll buy the ticket inside of the air terminal (“Vienna tickets”). This will be a three day ticket or longer, with which you’ll get a discount for several museums and have free ridings by U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses or trams, but not for the air port bus, there will only be a discount of the price.

The bus departs every half hour and it takes about 35 minutes (longer during the rush hour traffic) to the Westbahnhof. One way costs € 6 ($ 7), two way costs a little less, which is very cheap and you will see some of Vienna (after about 10 km you will see three big buildings on the left hand side. These are the “Gasometers” old gas tanks, rebuilt into business and living places). This bus also provides return service to the airport.


There is a very fast train to downtown, the “CAT” (City Ait terminal). The station is about 3 minutes walk from the arrival in the underground of the airport. The train takes about 16 minutes to downtown, but you have to change trains at “Landstraße / Wien Mitte” station (the train ends at this first stop). Go down the stairs into subway part of the station and take the U 3 (orange) to “Ottakring”, at the sixth stop you are at “Westbahnhof”.


Weather you came by train, airport bus or the subway (“U-Bahn”), you will find the three hotels and the WestLicht Museum very easily. If you wish to go the two hotels “Arcotel/Wimberger” and “Stadthalle”, the taxi will usually do not deliver you to these two hotels, as it is inside their minimum distance requirements, and they do not find this type of short trip financially rewarding.


Outside the subway or the bus / main station, turn left (having the main station in the back):

Please contact Uli Koch ( if you like to book a hotel. He will give you detail instructions how to book the room with the special price. If you want to book the hotel without contacting Uli, you’ll get a higher rate!!

All prices are based on prices of April 2005



Walk along the main road to the next traffic light (50m), cross the main road and walk another 200m. There you will find the entrance of the Arcotel/Wimberger hotel (225 rooms).

We will have a special rate for our Convention members. This will be € 106 for a single room and € 135 for a double room including breakfast.


Walk to the next small street (50m) to a street called “Felberstraße” then turn left. At the fourth street (big poster “Hotel Stadthalle”) turn right and walk 1 ½ (short) blocks and you’ll be at the hotel (about 300m from the Westbahnhof).

We will have a special rate for our Convention members. This will be € 65 for a single room and € 89 for a double room including breakfast. They only have a few single rooms (about 40 rooms), so please contact Uli very soon, if you like to book a single room in this hotel.

Alla Lenz

Tavel the exact same way as to the Arcotel/Wimberger Hotel. Turn right on the second street (only about 50m) from Arcotel/Wimberger) into the “Westbahnstraße” At the next traffic light (second street) turn left into the “Kaiserstraße”. At next street turn right (“Kandlgasse”) and at the next street left (“Halbgasse”) and after two buildings you’ll see the hotel on the left side. The walk from the Arcotel/Wimberger hotel is about 5 minutes (350m).

We will have a special rate for our Convention members. This will be € 106 for a single room and € 135 for a double room including breakfast.

WestLicht Museum

This is situated in the “Westbahnstraße 40” (Leicashop).

From the Arcotel/Wimberger Hotel, proceed out on the back side of the hotel, turn left, walk to the second street (only about 50m) to the right and you are in the “Westbahnstraße”. Walk another 1 ½ blocks (200m) and you’ll see on the right side the “Leicashop”. Between both portions of the shop there is an entrance to the back building, the WestLicht Museum.

From the hotel Stadthalle turn right to the next street (“Märzstraße”). Then either go left about 80m to the tram station, take the number “49” tram to “Volkstheater” (not tram number “9”!!!) and ride to the station “Kaiserstraße” (second sation), then walk the same direction as the tram moves. After 100m you’ll see the “Leicashop” on the right side.

Alternately, you can choose to turn right into the “Märzstraße”, walk downtown to the “Gürtel”, cross the main street and the next street on the left side is the “Westbahnstraße”

From the Ala Lenz hotel, go back to the “Westbahnstraße”, turn left and after 60m you will see the “Leciashop”.


Most people in Vienna take the subway, the tram or perhaps the buses. The system is very easy to understand, there are many stations and the subway departs very frequently. If you have to change the lines twice to move from one place to another, you have to allow yourself only a few minutes for the transfer, as usually you’ll wait only 2 – 4 minutes for the next subway.

In Vienna you will find the old “U-Bahn” and the more modern “S-Bahn”. Both travel inside and outside from the tunnel system. Usually the tram lines cross the “U-Bahn” and “S-Bahn” lines, so you’ll reach most places without walking very far.

When you arrive in Vienna, please attempt to locate the next station were you can buy an 8 days ticket. This ticket costs (in 2005) € 24 (about $ 30 = less than $ 4 a day ticket per person!). You can use this ticket for the main city area. If you are travelling with a small group or your partner, you can use the same ticket for everyone, but you have to stay together as a group all the time.