Convention Fee

  • Here is a complete activities list in pdf-format: Activities.pdf

  • For Reservation at Wimberger hotel (pdf-format), please use following form: Wimberger.pdf

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Please send the Convention Fee and the costs for the tours right now, but latest till the end of February to our cashier and banker Uli Koch in the following ways.

  • by a registered airmail letter to: for address please contact Uli -

  • only the European members can send the money to Uli’s account.

Please contact Uli - for his account information.

The bank fee of an transaction is so high, if you are not sending the money from an European country, that you will not accept the high fee for this transaction (sending EUR 100 means about EUR 25 bank fee)

  • Paypal 4 % Paypal fee is added automatically.

If you want to reserve an event for more than one person, please change the number (field: "Anzahl") in the paypal form according to the number of persons.

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Convention Fee

100 EUR, single person (+4 % paypal fee) = 104,00 EUR

140 EUR, with one partner (+4 % paypal fee) = 145,60 EUR

Wednesday, Sightseeing tour to Schoenbrunn and Stephans Dom

25 EUR (+4 % paypal fee) = 26,00 EUR

Thursday, bus trip to Melk, sightseeing tour Abbey of Melk, boat trip on the Donau to Durnstein and back by bus to Vienna

70 EUR (+4 % paypal fee) = 72,80 EUR

Thursday evening, buffet dinner at the „Kunsthistorisches Museum“ incl. entrence fee of the museum

50 EUR (+4 % paypal fee) = 52,00 EUR

Friday, City of Vienna,  Sightseeing trip by bus

20 EUR (+4 % paypal fee) = 20,80 EUR
Saturday, special ladies program 30 EUR (+4 % paypal fee) = 31,20 EUR

Saturday, Auction  Snacks and Drinks incl.

no charge  
Sunday, special Ladies program 25 EUR (+4 % paypal fee) = 26,00 EUR

Sunday, Convention Day snacks and drinks incl.

no charge  

Monday, bus trip to Baden, the Castle of Dietmar Machold

no charge  

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